7 tricks for beautiful hair

Our hairstyles are different from each other. We have hair of different lengths, colors, straight and curly. Regardless of what style we have and no matter what our differences are, we have (at least) one common dream, we want our hair to be healthy, shiny and delightful, just after visiting a professional. We realize that finding time for daily hair care can be a miracle, and sometimes there are situations where we need to style your hair in a split second, so we present some express tips for a quick haircut.

Dry shampoo

Immediate rescue for stale hair. The packaging fits in a bag, and you do not need water or a bathroom to use it. Just spread the product at the base of your hair, massage it in, comb your hair with your fingers and it's ready. Perfect for very lazy mornings, trips with limited access to running water or for going out, e.g. on a last minute date. 

Brush, clips, rubber bands 

Carry a brush and accessories that will help you control your hair in unexpected (and not only) situations. The brush will tame disheveled strands, and hair elastics and other accessories will help you tie your hair in a few minutes, e.g. in a careless (and at the same time extremely fashionable) bun, a wind-blown braid or a slightly tweaked ponytail. Practice hairstyles at home, get inspired by YouTube videos, so that in an emergency, in a few moments and in all conditions, you can create a nice hairstyle. 

Take care of your hairstyle the day before

If you don't like washing your hair in the morning, wash and dry your hair in the evening. Braid them into a braid, apply rollers or look for other ways to make your hair curls or waves when you get up. 

Sleep on a pillow in a silk pillowcase

At first glance, silk pillowcases seem more decorative than practical, but they have a beneficial effect on our skin and hair. Unlike cotton, which sucks the moisture out of your skin, silk does not absorb any moisture at all. Sleeping on silk not only reduces wrinkles, but also helps in caring for your hair. Unlike other pillowcases that rub against your hair all night long, silk gives your strands a smooth, friction-free surface to keep your hair from getting tangled and frizzy. 

Perfect hairstyle 

Don't save on a good hairdresser. Well-cut hair is the basis, it is easier to style and looks healthier. Don't be afraid to cut more than just the ends, if the condition of your hair requires it. Let's not be afraid to trust the hairdresser's advice. A good hairdresser knows how to emphasize our beauty, which cut is suitable for our hair type, etc. Let's find our miracle worker and stick to it! 

Down with heavy styling cosmetics

Strongly fixing (stiffening) styling cosmetics, such as gels, foams and varnishes can heavily burden the hair. Hair treated with such means on the second day is not manageable. It is best to avoid them, and if you happen to use such a product, wash it off before going to bed. 

The last resort

Make friends with the cap. Seriously! Cap with a visor, autumn and winter hat, hat. They can not only save you from a hair-loss, but also add style or emphasize your individual style. 

And don't forget that the health of our hair (like the health of our skin, body and spirit) begins within us. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, move, dance and laugh until you crack!