Safe styling

We use hair styling products every day, or even several times a day. Arranging and maintaining an impeccable hairstyle, taming unruly strands, straightening, curling, pinning or even leaving the hair loose, usually requires the use of appropriate products. The market is full of hair styling products. Which one to choose? What to look for? And, most importantly, how to use them safely?

First - security 

Nowadays, you can easily stock up on all products without leaving your home, including those for hair care. When buying cosmetics online, pay attention to several aspects. Buy products from known and proven sources. Avoid buying cosmetics from online auctions (unless the owner of the auction is a company store). Always check the origin of the product, make sure it is an original product (not an ordinary fake). See the opinions about the product and the manufacturer. Check the composition of the cosmetic, whether it is free from harmful, irritating and allergenic ingredients. 

Second - quality

It has long been known that the cunning loses twice. A seemingly more expensive cosmetic, in fact, it may turn out to be a cheaper, more valuable option. Better quality ingredients are a safe product that meets our expectations. We will not put it back on the shelf and start looking for a new product for which we will spend more money. It is worth recalculating.

Third - the amount of the drug used 

Did you know that each cosmetic, be it for skin or hair care, has the recommended amount of use? We don't pay attention to it, and we should. First of all, the cosmetic can be overdosed, which may result in an unsightly appearance, or worse, allergic reactions. While we can get rid of the few aesthetic effects, e.g. with one head wash, the healing of allergic reactions will take some time. An additional advantage of using the indicated amount is the effectiveness of the cosmetic. Take our word for it that properly used product will last for many months. 

Fourth - storage 

Cosmetics for hair care (and not only) require proper storage. Always check the time after which the opened product should be discarded (this should be written on the packaging in the form of a date or an open box symbol with the number of months). Close the package after use. When keeping products in close proximity to water, e.g. by a bathtub or shower, remember to wash the packaging regularly to avoid the growth of fungus and mold. Some of the hair care products may be in flammable containers. Others may be light and / or temperature sensitive. Read the product description to be sure about how it is stored and to keep its properties as long as possible. 

Fifth - general rules
We do not use cosmetics of dubious quality and / or origin.
We read the product description, pay attention to its composition, study the instructions for use.
We wash our hands before and after (if necessary) using the product. 

We do not share products with friends, especially if they are make-up cosmetics. 

We keep the containers / packages clean and tightly closed when not in use, and protect them against, for example, extreme temperatures and microorganisms.

We throw away cosmetics if there are changes in consistency, color or smell, and those that have expired. 

We use aerosol products in well-ventilated rooms. We do not use them when near an open fire. 

And remember that nice, well-groomed hair is our image. Let's play with them every day, let our changing nature be reflected in our hairstyles!