Which styling product should you choose?

Hair styling has become child's play. To have lush curls or waves, you do not need to make appointments to the hairdresser or spend the night wearing uncomfortable rollers on your head. Manufacturers are trying to outdo each other in creating new devices that will be easy to use and will help us to style a hairstyle in a short time without damaging the hair.

There are quite a few of these products and we can divide them into three main categories. 


There are many ways to create beautiful curls. You can use the straightener that you use to straighten your hair, but it requires some manual skill. Hot rollers are great for creating waves, but are too slow and cumbersome to use. They also don't work well on long and thick hair. You can also twist your hair into regular rollers or curlers before going to bed, but this is rather inconvenient. The best tools are curlers dedicated to these styling.

When looking for the perfect curler, you should pay attention to three aspects. First, you should pay attention to the thermostat and the ability to set the temperature. Second, look for features that would make styling easier, such as cord length and rotation feature. Third, test the clamp and see how tight it is - the more the tension, the more it can straighten and hold the hair in place while styling. Besides, the curling iron should be light, easy to handle, create curls that will not fall off after an hour and (most importantly) not burn your hair. 

Hair straighteners

A straightener is a styling tool that straightens and smoothes hair while giving it a silky-smooth look. But not only! Straighteners are more versatile than their name suggests. They can also be used to create curls and beautiful waves, so invest in a decent model. 

There are hundreds of them on the market, and you can get dizzy when choosing the right one. Which tiles are better, ceramic or titanium? What is the best straightener for curly and damaged hair? Do we need hundreds of levels of heat settings? Or maybe a hair straightening brush will be a good choice?

Choosing the right straightener depends on your hair type. If they are delicate and easy to style, choose a ceramic straightener. If they are thicker, curly or not very flexible, a titanium straightener will be more suitable for you. Justification, titanium tiles heat up faster and usually reach much higher temperatures than ceramic tiles. Higher temperatures, however, can lead to more damage, so if your hair is thin, wavy, or just easy to straighten, use a ceramic straightener that distributes heat evenly and at lower temperatures. What else to consider when choosing a straightener? Think about how often and under what conditions you will use it. Is it meant to be used occasionally or for everyday styling? Will you travel with her? Pay attention to details such as its structure and cable length, degrees of heat regulation, speed of heating, and if it is not used for a certain period of time, it will turn off automatically. And also read the opinions of other users about the selected model ...


Inverters, i.e. Hairbe Waver, are hair styling tools designed to create soft waves on hair of all lengths. The wave iron is easy to use, styles your hair in no time, and works much like a curling iron or straightener, using heat to temporarily restructure your hair. The only difference between the devices is that the inverter is much more effective at creating waves.

If you want unearthly waves that will emphasize your natural beauty, and at the same time you do not want to waste many hours styling your hair, the wave iron is the perfect device for you. 

What aspects should be considered when choosing the perfect inverter? 

Power - the operation of the entire device and the effects depends on it. The effects we want to achieve, i.e. curls, waves or hair straightening, depend on the temperature with which we act on the hair. A device with too low power will not fulfill the task for which it was intended.

Temperature levels - a useful function, especially if our hair is damaged or fragile. In this case, we control the temperature with which we style our hair. 

Ionization - works similarly to a standard conditioner, prevents static and frizz. In addition, it moisturizes the hair and maintains its natural shine.

Housing - inverters produce a large amount of heat. It is important that they are made of durable materials and those that will ensure safety during use. 

Cable - there is probably nothing more annoying than a too short cable or one with a tendency to twist. Not only are they inconvenient to use, they can also present a risk of abrasion or breakage due to strain during regular use. 

Speed - time - is at a premium these days. Neither of us wants to wait for a device to heat up too long. Speed recovery is therefore extremely important in selecting the right device. 

Automatic switch off - how many times have you come home to check if you really turned off the iron? It is worth checking if the device you are interested in has an automatic switch-off function if it is not used for a certain period of time. 

As you can see, we have a large selection, there are also quite a few aspects to pay attention to. We hope that the above text will make your task easier.