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Hair like the Kardashian sisters with one device?

Now it is possible!


The inverter Hairbe Hair this the best tool to SUPER EASY wave styling

Does not curl, twist or pull hair! 

Thanks to 3 large heating rollers, it is easy to use - just tighten and release it on the hair strand. Ceramic plates generate negative ions to keep the hair soft, shiny and free of static.

It's the easiest way to turn your regular hairstyle into lush, sexy, messy waves.

It works great with the most styling-resistant hair.


What's in the kit?

- Hairbe Hair wave maker

FREE a protective glove with every order! In order not to burn your beautiful hands and the styling was even more pleasant

- Free delivery




- It fits perfect for any length of hair 

- Super easy to use, (created for people who have difficulties in styling their hair) simply tighten and release it on the hair strand

- Epic waves as if you just left Malibu Beach 

- Endless amount of beautiful hairstyles - everything in the hands of your imagination!

- 32 mm THREE large heating rollers they allow you to wind large strands of hair, so you can style a hairstyle like from the salon in a short time.

- Waves may last for several days - until the next hair wash

- Instant heating - you are ready to create your dream hairstyle a few seconds after switching on the inverter

- Automatic shutdown - we all forget. Our device will turn itself off after 60 minutes

- Properly adjusted 360° swivel cable - will ensure easy use and no tangling

- Ceramic Tourmaline Glaze - thanks to them, our wave maker distributes heat evenly, creating 6 times more negative ions on the strands than ordinary ceramic plates - thanks to this, your hair is safe, remains shiny and soft.

- 12-month warranty for the device

- Adjustment temperature from 80 ° C to 210 ° C


You will no longer need any other products.

You will fall in love with your new look.

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